Saturday, 26 May 2012


Hi guys, I’m new to this format of blogging and I have a question

Does anyone follow me at all? What i have noticed – people come and comment and say that they will follow my blog so I add them to my reading list and still on my dashboard I have 0 followers.

Do people say that they would follow (and then they do not) just for the sake of increasing the number of their followers? Maybe i do not understand something but this is sooo cheap and childish

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I tried to add a bit of artdeco twist to this look, hopefully it worked out.
I really love the colours, the combination of purple with yellow/brown is one of my favourite. Unfortunately the purple top underthith the yellow one does not show much on the pictures, nevertheless in real life it adds a nice splash of rich colour to the look palette

Ok, here we go. This would be my first post here. I was cleaning up and rearranging my wardrobe the other day and to my surprise discovered quite a lot of stuff which I completely forgot about and did not wear. The thing is I love dressing up and shopping but in everyday life I tend to wear one and the same outfit day in day out if I’m comfortable with it and sometimes I even forget about really nice outfits stuck at the back of my this blog will be a good motivation to experiment with my style and well... show off a bit really, If I happen to have any followers

This look was created in a late 70s style. All the garments are vintage except for the hat which is from H&M. I really love it, it reminds me of French and British movies of that period about the upper middle class country lifestyle. I especially love the boots which are leather and of exceptional quality, got those at a flea market in Vilnius, Lithuania for real pennies a couple of years ago and they are still like brand new.